New Study Examines STEM Experiences of Hmong Undergraduates across Wisconsin

WCER researchers are partnering with Hmong American faculty and undergraduates across the state to study and find solutions for the underrepresentation in STEM classes and the STEM workforce of Hmong Americans, who make up Wisconsin’s largest Asian American population.

Funded by a new four-year, $2.2 million racial equity grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the project will set up research sites at three UW System campuses with large Hmong enrollments—Madison, Eau Claire and Oshkosh—for work investigating the college experience of Hmong students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics. That work will include a survey of Hmong students across all 13 four-year UW universities, plus more in-depth interviews over time with a smaller group of Hmong students at the three campuses where the study is based.