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The objective of the Hmong Studies Consortium is to promote critical Hmong scholarship in a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, and to build professional connections between researchers of the Hmong.

The Consortium is interested in research related to all Hmong groups dispersed around the globe, including those in China, Southeast Asia, and the diaspora outside of Asia (U.S., France, Germany, French Guiana, Australia, etc.), as well as transnational Hmong connections.

Originally established in 2009 as a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, more recently the Hmong Studies Consortium has expanded its membership to include Chiang Mai University in Thailand, and various other institutions in Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States.

To become affiliated and/or to be added to the Hmong Consortium listserve, for sharing information about Hmong-related activities across campuses, please email Prof. Ian Baird at ibaird@wisc.edu.


The 6th Hmong Studies Consortium International conference has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We will reschedule once the pandemic is under control and regular international travel is possible.

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Their Sisters Were Stolen

This is a real problem, not just in Sapa, but the whole of Northen Vietnam. And these are the real heroes addressing the problem. This story might both break and MAKE your faith in humanity.I don't have too much to say about this, as I can only offer so much. The real heroes here are these community activist, are the organizations working to bring this to the spotlight, are the local women who must not stop living their lives despite it all. To you all, I give my biggest of admirations.Thank you so much to the amazing team and humbling women of ETHOS – Spirit of the Community – you all know who you are. I owe you everything I have learned the past few weeks. There's a long road ahead, but from what I have seen, know I won't be far behind supporting you all as much as I can. You all are an inspiration both to change the world and to improve what we don't think can get any better, and everything far and in between. That's all for now –Music: Artlist

Posted by Neng Now on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

“January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. And as it comes to a close, I’m headed to the Northernmost parts of Vietnam, where it’s still very much a relevant issue. Traveling is an amazing privilege, but it is also a responsibility – crucial to remind ourselves of the responsibilities that privilege gives us.”

— Neng Now, social media content creator