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Image of Yutthapong Seubsakwong

Yutthapong Seubsakwong

Faculty of Social Science
Chiang Mai University

     Yutthapong’s main cultural and social study focus is on Hmong in heterogeneous dimensions and based in Thailand, where he was born in a Hmong community in Phetchabun Province. His major interest is heterogeneous environments of politics, which influence the social evolution of Hmong society through time-space condition of globalization and modernity; in the Thailand context, state policy and civil discourses are the main factors influencing the conditions related to the processes of territorialization and deterritorialization of social organisms, which affect the everyday lives of the members, the Hmong. With this intension, his work is mainly based on the theory of space, discourse and assemblage and the main methodology used relates to social analysis in Hmong studies.



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