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photo of Prasit Leepracha

Urai Yangcheepsutjarit

Faculty of Social Science
Chiang Mai University

     Urai Yangcheepsutjarit is a Thai Hmong. The word "Yang" in the beginning of her surname signifies that she belongs to the Yang clan. She was brought to a Thai school to study when she was young. There, she started to learn about Thailand and Thai ways but this also kept her away her Hmong culture. She acquired knowledge of English from Calcutta University in India, where she completed her undergraduate degree. She then turned to studying her own people, after joining the Ethnicity and Development Program at the Faculty of Social Science, at Chiang Mai University, where she worked with Dr. Prasit Leepracha. She conducted her Master’s research regarding constructing and contesting social memories in former communist Hmong communities in Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand.



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