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Mitch Ogden

Department of English and Philosophy
College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Stout

     Mitch Ogden is interested in Hmong cultural production—especially literary publication, film/media production, and literacy practices—throughout the diaspora. He is interested in imagined constructions of diasporic homeland, the political and cultural complexities of Hmong orthographies, the transnational Hmong film microindustry, and the evolution of the Hmong American literary movement. In the context of refugee studies, he strives to reframe refugees as active cultural producers rather than perpetual victims. His dissertation offers a theoretical framework of refugee utopias: ambiguous and imagined non/places where refugee communities engage in cultural production. He is currently working on a digital humanities project to build an optical character recognition (OCR) tool for the Puaj Txwm alphabet that will facilitate the digitization of the sacred texts of the Is Npis Mis Nus millenarian movement.



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