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David Chambers

Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Madison

     David Chambers is currently a PhD student studying Human Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is generally interested in Southeast Asian studies and specifically upland minority ethnic relations with lowland majorities and states. David is particularly interested in the Hmong diaspora. Recently, David's research has focused on the spatialities of Hmong life and identity at the Wat Tham Krabok Buddhist Temple in Saraburi, Thailand.
     The spatiality and territorialities constructed at Wat Tham Krabok involve the complex interplay of historic and geographic factors that have created a unique situation which allowed for many Hmong refugees from Laos to reside there during the past few decades. For many Hmong that made their way to the temple, having already faced tremendous life changes--in terms of geography, livelihood, and so forth--and finding themselves in a unique setting constructed by the Tham Krabok institution, have struggled to negotiate varying aspects--ethnic, political, and religious--of their identity. David's work explores the expressions of Hmong political and religious identity as seen on the landscape of Tham Krabok, these expressions are in some ways unique to the Hmong experience at Wat Tham Krabok and indicative of larger issues of the livelihood changes and political alienation faced by many Lao Hmong refugees.



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