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Chong Moua

Department of History
University of Wisconsin-Madison

     Chong Moua is a PhD student in the history department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was the last of her siblings to be born in Laos and came to the United States with her family as refugees in 1989. She is interested in how Hmong people create Hmong subjects through the production of cultural artifacts such as oral histories passed down, writing, literature, art, and political and social organizations. Her recently completed master's thesis, "Writing Into Being: Constructing the Hmong Subject in Kao Kalia Yang's 'The Latehomecomer'", explored the ways in which Yang, a Hmong American woman, constructs a female Hmong subject through the technology of a family memoir centering around the life of her paternal grandmother. Yang's creation of a female Hmong subject served to counter a Hmong subject that, through history and recent events that made regional and national headline in the American media, pathologized "Hmong" as "male" and "militant." Chong plans to continue her research by looking at how the Hmong subject can be used as a case study to explore how the figure of the refugee, with its ambiguous social and political position, can expand our understandings of statelessness and the processes of belonging and citizenship.



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